If I come in at a $47 (or any other), but then decide to upgrade/downdrage, can I only pay the difference ?

Joan O -

The only way to have more/less Tokens is by : buying another package, or cancelling a package.
If you are on the $47/m package and want more traffic, you can buy another $47/m package.

Both of these packages will be billed on the date they were purchased.

Meaning :

  • If you purchased one $47 package on the 1st of November - you will be billed for that package on the 1st of December etc.
  • If you decide to purchase another package on the 15th of November - you will be billed for that package on the 15st of December etc.

Each package will be billed on different date. One on the 1st of each month and the second one on the 15th of each month.

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